Great Leaders have a growth mindset

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My weekend got off to a great start having spent the past 2 days interacting with HR professionals at the HRMAB annual conference. It was wonderful to share with and learn from others.

Do others grow as a result of our Leadership?

I presented on the topic of diversity and the need for us to value individuals for who they are as we all bring something to the table.  As leaders we must support those we have influence with to be the best they can be. This is not just motivational ‘talk’ part of what it is to be a servant leader.  Do others grow as a result of our leadership should be  a key question we ask ourselves?

It was interesting to see leaders who were somewhat negative about whether their organisations really could change. The premise was people are who they are. This is having a ‘fixed mindset’.  

Do we have a gowth or fixed mindset? 

I listened to some of my colleagues at the conference. Some spoke about how  their people cannot change.  I was struck by the obvious. 

 If we as leaders have a fixed mindset, we cannot support others  in their growth.  

As leaders we must believe  we can change through learning, being open to new ideas and concepts.

We’re living in difficult times and the world needs leaders who bring hope.  Hope is cultivated through a growth mindset.

The Challenge

I challenge you to reflect this weekend on your own mindset. Do you believe ‘you are who you are and you cannot change’?  Or are you open to being transformed by  learning and renewing your mind.

Have a great weekend.

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