We Speak, Write, Present on:


  • Policy Counts
  • Balancing regulation and business growth
  • Achieving accountability
  • What does good Governance look like in practice


  • Personal Leadership Effectiveness is the key to leading others
  • Getting the 'right people on the bus' - attitude beats aptitude
  • Women in Leadership - you have a lot to offer
  • Millennials - Our future Leaders


  • Business Transformation & Operational Excellence
  • Modernizing the Public Sector
  • Why focusing on the competition is not good strategy
  • Strategy - getting it done!


  • Making Culture Count!
  • Developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Culture and values – two halves of the same coin
  • Embedding a PLE culture
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Felicia presentation was significant and to the point; it left no doubt that “The Business Transformation Strategy” can only be achieved through active involvement of all stakeholders, with the key influencers being Turks and Caicos Government and the local private sector.Charles W. Misick MSc, OBE, Minister of Turks and Caicos Islands Government (2012 - 2016)
Felicia delivered an inspiring presentation to regional Management Consultants in Jamaica, Caribbean. Felicia delivers what she promises and does it in a way that the attendee's totally understand the message. I would highly recommend Felicia as a speaker for any organization, conference and or corporation. She makes a difference!Michelle Low Chew Tung, MBA, BA (Hons) U.K., Managing Director, INVENI Business & Technology Ltd
I have been fortunate to be part of an engaged audience who Felicia fascinated with the depth of her knowledge, interactive and participatory speaking skills.Pernille Fischer Boulter - President & CEO, Int. Keynote Speaker, Woman Entrepreneur, Project Manager, Consultant, Immigrant, Author & Mentor
I always try to manage my expectations when attending conferences... Felicia’s presentation however turned this assumption on its head. She addressed the most critical underlying challenge for organisations...change, especially the rapidly changing make-up of the workforce, one of the major changes organisations are having to wrestle with. What made Felicia’s presentation stand out was that she very quickly got participants working on how to go about managing change using diversity as a solution, rather than a problem.Monique Hassell - Group Organizational Development Manager - ANSA McAL Group