Kitch Consulting Caribbean (KCC) is a company dedicated to helping leaders execute innovative strategies and build high performing teams that deliver results so everyone prospers, Businesses, Government and Society.

Kitch Consulting Caribbean (KCC). Was born out of ‘Kitch Ltd’ a U.K. based consultancy formed in 1996 and then incorporated in the Caribbean in 2007. We travel globally bringing a unique approach to our work with the private, public sector and with individuals.

KCC works directly with executive and senior leaders, politicians, and senior public servants. We design and implement Business transformation programmes that deliver performance improvement and sustainable change, enhancing competitiveness and facilitating sustainable economic development. For the past 10 years we have proven success with our global clients in Business transformations, executive leadership coaching, and team development. See our case studies and testimonials.


For the past 10 years we traveled globally bringing our unique approach to the private and public sector by executing organisational transformations.



KNOWLEDGE must be shared
It is the key to changing mindsets


INSIGHT must be gained.
Knowing your culture and people leads to understanding and real engagement


TRUST must be earned.
It leads to openness and receptiveness


COLLABORATION must be the approach.
It leads to engagement and maximizes diversity


HEARTS must be captured.
change is not just a process it involves 'hearts and minds.


  • We have a passion for working with leaders to solve key business challenges by unlocking their potential and that of their team so they can deliver results.
  • We are committed to helping Businesses & Government’s become more prosperous, more skilled and able to achieve more in today’s competitive global economy.
  • We desire to see Nations enhance their prosperity, and the health and potential of their people

Case Studies

Business Transformation (2016-2017)

Working with the Turks and Caicos Islands Government we delivered their Business Transformation Strategy.

One of the goals of the strategy was to develop an 'opportunity economy' for Turks and Caicos Islanders. Therefore we worked with the Employment Services Division to review the policies concerning Labour and Work Permits, re-engineered the Work Permits Process using lean systems methodology and supported the Government's first ever Labour Market Survey and National Skills Audit.

Governance, Management and Operations Review (2016 – 2017)

Partnering with a Canadian Engineering firm we led the Governance and Management aspects of the review of the Government of Belize’s 192 Village Water Boards.

This included undertaking a comprehensive policy and legislative review, and making recommendations for appropriate policy and regulatory changes.

We also conducted extensive field trips to over 15 Water Boards drawn from across the country to assess how the regulations work in practice. The project required engagement with a wide array of stakeholders including villagers, local representatives, elders, the Water Boards, Ministers and the Ministries involved in Water Management across Belize.

Public Sector Reform (2015-2016)

We were contracted to manage the Government of Montserrat’s Public Sector Reform Programme, funded by the Department for International Development.

The goal of the programme was to enable GoM to become more efficient, effective transparent and accountable. A major outcome that drove the transformation was the focus on clear policy and implementation.

We worked with Government to develop a clear Policy Agenda that informed a new strategic planning and budgeting process; we initiated a project to establish a Project Management Office.

Lastly, we ensured that critical positions were filled by developing a customized integrated Assessment Centre for recruitment of senior staff and successfully filled 10 key posts over the course of 12 months, several of which had been vacant for 12 months or more.


Improving The Caribbean’s Sustainability – Supporting Regional Organisations (2013-2014)

We were contracted by the Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), to develop model structures for the national Disaster Offices across CARICOM to implement their Disaster Risk Reduction strategies.

We facilitated a number of workshops and discussions with key stakeholders to understand the challenges with their current structures and the drivers behind their strategies.

We developed model structure options that took into account the diversity and complexity of Small Island Developing States, the growing need for more specialised competencies and the need for increased Government resources.

We engaged policy makers at the highest level and this achieved approval to implement the model structures within the context of tight fiscal constraints.