Your Leadership Journey; The foundations of success

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Join us!

Join us for our email leadership course, Your Leadership Journey.

If you are an aspiring leader or a leader that needs re-energising this email course is for you.

I have found 4 foundations that have helped me achieve success on my leadership journey. See the video below to discover what they.

I look forward to walking this journey with you so sign up today.

Once you have signed up feel free to post your comments, questions and insights to this blog post or our Facebook page.

Here’s to your leadership success.


11 Comments on “Your Leadership Journey; The foundations of success”

  1. I would like to take the leadership course mentioned from the seminar you delivered in jamaica

    1. Hello Karla,
      you were added to the mailing list. Hope you are finding the course useful.

      Would love to hear your feedback and on how else we can support leaders like you on their journey 🙂

    1. Suzette,

      hope you have been finding the course helpful. Email me with your feedback, what you liked, what we could improve and questions.

  2. I was at your presentation for Middle Managers through Mark Your Mark and I was inspired by your presentation knowing that I myself is an aspiring leader and see the need to develop skills that are required to take the next steps.

    1. Tasha-Kay,
      thanks for joining my sessions and for the feedback. You are already a leader! Sure, like all of us there is room for growth but declare it as when we start with the end in mind we speak life into our destiny!

  3. I’ve found your presentation to be engaging and enlightening. It has allowed me to refocus my energy on who I am and be the best Middle Manager I can be. Also I learnt to always remember how important it is to treat others the same way I would like to be treated. Great presentation!!

    1. Erica,
      thanks so much for the feedback. I’m glad you found the session of value.

      I’d love to hear what other topics would be valuable in supporting your leadership journey.
      Do stay connected 🙂

    1. Nimita,

      glad to have you joining us on this journey. The great thing is the journey never ends for great leaders as there is always more to learn and new people to learn from.

      Enjoy it and let me know if there is anything I can do to support you as you go 🙂

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