Our Approach

KCCL’s Coaching division specialises in Executive Leadership, Team Development, and Personal Transformation. We all have things that hold us back from being the best we can be and our aim to help shift or change limiting mindsets, and so unlocking the potential of leaders and their teams.

How do we define leadership?

At Kitch our Philosophy is that anyone can be a leader, but there are some that are “Purposed for Leadership“; that is those that have an innate sense of wanting to achieve a goal or purpose bigger than themselves to the benefit of others – as Robert Greenleaf put it – ‘it’s a focus on serving first and then a conscious choice to lead’.

Flowing from this philosophy we adopt a unique approach that focuses on character as this allows a leader to INSPIRE, SUPPORT and CONNECT their team to deliver results; this is what defines leadership at Kitch.  To learn more hit the blue button below.

See: Purposed for Leadership

Our Coaching Programmes
Our coaching Programmes use the Lifeforming Leadership coaching methodology as their basis.

Our goal is to develop leaders of character who are relationally focused and equipped to achieve sustainable change in their organisations.

Why Leaders of Character?
As in our experience Character Quotient (CQ) trumps Intelligence Quotient (IQ) always!

‘Why relationally focused?’
People rarely leave jobs or organisations – they leave managers!

Key components of being an effective leader are leading self, and then leading others by building relationships of trust. It is character that allows a leader to do this so that they can inspire, support and connect with their team to deliver results.

Why is Personal Transformation Important to us?

“I resalised we can’t lead others unless we’ve mastered self-leadership; this requires personal transformation” Felicia Linch

Personal Transformation is just that- personal!

We use a range of tools to help individuals understand their unique passions, talents, and behaviours. We look at how these align with our experiences and how they shape our Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments.

Our goal is to:
“Change Limiting Mindsets”

Character-based Leadership

We believe in Character-based leadership. It’s been said today we have a crisis of leadership. A 2017 Huffington post article spoke of the ‘Global Crisis of Leadership’ stating:

“Yes, leaders are a reflection of their time, and people the world over might have finally reached the breaking point.

Their cry for trusting, caring, and bold leadership echoes everywhere. We can only hope that such leaders will hear the people’s outcry and emerge to answer their desperate call.”

“Trusting, caring and bold leadership” is a matter of character. The Good News is character can be developed. through a focus on Personal Transformation, specifically a programme of Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE).


New to coaching, read our testimonials below to see how we work.

Before Felicia became my coach, I was at a point in my life where I felt quite stuck professionally. I felt like I was working to pay the bills, and while I did enjoy the work and the people I worked with, it was definitely not my passion. I am interested in wellness and natural health, but was unsure about whether it made any sense to focus on this area to make a living, instead of the rather traditional line of work in business and project management that I was engaged in.

The coaching sessions with Felicia helped me to identify the skills I needed to focus on and leverage, as well as some of the overplayed strengths and areas that I had to work on. Felicia uses a number of powerful tools in her coaching, and was able to accurately analyse my talent mix which really gave me some useful insight into where my strengths and motivations lie – and most importantly, that my natural gifts were an excellent match for the wellness coaching I was drawn to. It was a real eye-opener for me, and Felicia continues to be very encouraging and supportive of my journey towards a much more fulfilling life.

Felicia is insightful and a person of integrity. I can always count on her to tell me her honest assessment of a situation, whether a challenge or an opportunity, and I value this greatly.

– Mobola Aguda, Director and Senior Project Manager, Aguda Quality Solutions

Felicia worked with me and my team facilitating both 1-2-1 coaching and team coaching workshops.

It caused me to look introspectively and discover what others, direct reports or peers, see is not always what you

think you look like. Changing behaviours became easier when the light was turned on
CEO, Ansa McCall Group .

I was privileged to work with Felicia both in a group and on a one on one basis and both times were very rewarding. The first session within the group showed me the type of personality that I had and it surprised me how really accurate it was. Felicia has shown that she has the seasoned experience and is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise. This of course was evidenced through the up to date tools that were used to accurately uncover exactly where my strengths and weaknesses were. However, even when you were shown your weaknesses her gift of imparting optimism meant that there was hope that improvements could be made.

In the one on one session, she provided the guidance and very constructive criticism, where necessary, by taking the time to go through the results and explaining their significance. I got a tremendous confidence boost as a result. This perception of yourself is really important if you are to step out to be who you were created to be, whether you desire to be better in business or are thinking of pursuing a new career path. Felicia not only speaks, but is a great listener as well and encourages you to be honest with yourself, admit any failings you may have, while skillfully giving you the opportunity to grow and change. I would encourage persons to grab a hold of the opportunity to work with Kitch and become the person you know you were meant to become.

– Sonja Smith, Chief Librarian, Government of Montserrat