When a leaders Passion becomes inauthentic

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Last week I wrote about 4 foundational qualities for successful leadership. This week I want to share an interesting article that confirms that at least one of the 4 qualities, passion is needed for success.  Passion as a style I shared that passion is about the heart. When it becomes simply an expression, i.e. a leadership style it can be seen … Read More

Great Leaders should know it all!

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Great Leaders know it all As a leader do you feel pressure to ‘know it all?  Do you feel you should at least know more than the people you are leading? Isn’t that a reasonable expectation of  your team and a key characteristic of Great leaders? I had an interesting encounter.  One of my clients, a senior Politician said in a … Read More

Paradox of Leadership

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VUCA Leaders I share in this videoblog what it takes to be a successful leader in today’s complex and dynamic environment following my key takeaways at the close of the WBECS Pre-Summit event.  In essence leaders need to be VUCA leaders and that means changing one’s mindset.  Watch and find out more about VUCA Leaders.   The WBECS Pre-Summit is … Read More

3 Keys to Authentic Leadership

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Is Authentic Leadership a fad? We have heard so much lately about Trust. Trust is the glue that makes our relationships, whether in personal or professional life work.  The business case for trust has been well documented and many organisations understand the link between trust and employee performance.  Now there is “authentic leadership”.  So is it the newest management fad? I … Read More